Home-Based Day Care

Kids At Home family day care program offers children a  warm and stimulating environment.  Our Providers will deliver a program that is in keeping with the physical, social-emotional, creative, cognitive, and communication development of young children.  Providers plan and implement a daily curriculum that is developmentally  appropriate for the ages of all the children.  The curriculum includes in-door and out-door activities and experiences.   

Kids At home family day homes are supported and monitored regularly by the agency, and parents can be assured that the child care program delivered, meets or exceeds Provincial Government standards, in every area.

Kids Sick Care


Kids At Home will send a qualified care-giver with a medical background to care for your sick child, in the comfort of your own home. Your child may still be recovering from illness or is too sick to attend school or daycare, requiring short-term care. Also, this program can provide emergency, back-up care for your family, when you regular care-giver calls in sick or has to attend an appointment or other activity. Kids sick care is great for helping a stay-at-home parent or foster parent take a break from time-to-time.

Our care-givers are assigned to the same families over and over; therefore, the children do not see them as complete strangers.

To engage the services of Kids Sick Care, pre-registration is required.  To register, simply click here to complete our contact form, and someone will get back to you as-quickly-as-is-possible.

Preschool School Services

Play Care:

"Play Care” is a full-time, integrated child care and preschool program delivered in the private residence of the family or in another private residence owned by the employer.   Play care is an enjoyable academic program for three, four, and five year old children.  It is delivered by a certified nanny.

Nursery: (Stand-Alone)

Our nursery program is usually delivered to three year old children for less than 4 hours in each day.  A Certified, Child Development Worker or teacher will design and implement a curriculum that integrates all disciplines, focusing on language development, basic reasoning and communication skills. Letters and number recognition are introduced, as well as teacher-directed activities that provide readiness for reading and math.

Junior Kindergarten: (Stand-Alone)

In-home kindergarten is an enjoyable academic program for four year old children.  Kindergarten is not compulsory in Canada and is usually half-day.  A Certified, Child Development Worker or an Early Childhood Educator will design and implement an age-appropriate curriculum, that  teaches  the children how to count and to read phonetically.  Our curriculum  includes videos, many small, colourful readers, workbooks and phonic cards (provided by a parents, in consultation with the teacher).  Children learn the letters of the alphabet and learn how to count to 100 by 1's, 5's and 10's. Other subject areas covered usually include writing, poetry, music, drama, arts and crafts, stories, cultural studies, etiquette, computers, the Bible and the sciences (including health and hygiene). 

In-Home Child Care

Professional Nanny Service

Live-in Nanny:

A live-in nanny resides with the family or in a private property owned by the family.   Our nanny will provide full time stability for the family that allows for child care based on the family’s schedule.   Our Live-in nanny will assist with all child  care needs as well as with some light house-keeping.

For income tax purposes, a live-in nanny is an employee of the family and can be expected to pay their employer for room and board.

Considerations for Live-in Nannies:

In a situation where a nanny and an employer live in the same residence, the arranngement could become very stressful; therefore, precautions should be taken to avoid such strain on either party.  Your live-in nanny should be provided with adequate time off (usually, two consecutive days per week), as well as privacy within the home.  Both parties must be respectful of each other’s time and space to make the child care arrangement work successfully for everyone involved.

Live-out Nanny:

Our live-out nannies drive to and from work, daily.  she/he will provide care and supervision for infants, toddlers, pre-schoolers, and school-aged children (up to age 12).  The nanny maintains a set schedule of hours that she/he can work per week (full-time, part-time, or occasional).

For income tax purposes, a live-out nanny may be an  employee of the family, or may work as an independent contractor.  To find out "who is an independant contractor,"  click here.

Wage Potential:

Our nannies' worth is determined by their experience and education.     When you hire a nanny with child care training and Provincial certification, or one who holds a degree in a field relating to early childhood education, child development or child psychology, employers can expect to pay a higher salary.  The same holds true with a nanny who has strong references to back up her previous work experiences.   Along with increases in her salary, a nanny can expect increases in benefits from his/her employer, such as health, prescription, and dental insurance, as well as vacation time, based on the longevity of the position.

Doula Care:

A Kids At Home “Doula” is a family support worker who provides back-up care and support to new parents in post-natal situations. In addition to helping mom with the laundry, some light house-keeping, and shopping for groceries, a Doula will help with meal preparation.  Our Doula offers new moms a shoulder and will help mom until she can take care of the baby, gets over the birth, and feel stronger and more confident to get on with other things.

Out of School & Latchkey Care:

Care and supervision is provided for school-aged children before and after school; during the lunch hour, and anytime school is closed.  Out-of-School Care may include some help with home-work.

Circle  Care / No-Cost child Care

Elder  Care & Support