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The Right Child Care...

Choosing the right child care for your family can be an overwhelming experience for any parent; however, it is one of the most important decisions that a parent, will ever have to make. When in pursuit of a good quality child care program or service, here are a few things that parents need to consider:


1.What are you looking to get out of your child care arrangements?

2.What’s the best child care option (centre care, family day care, or in-home care) for your family?

3.What are the care-giver’s qualifications?  Does he or she have the experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities to allow for an exceptional child care experience? Is the care-giver willing to provide you with a medical certificate and the results of a valid, criminal record check, including a vulnerable sector search? Is the care-giver currently CPR and First-aid certified? Does the care-giver have Provincial Certification? If you are choosing a family day home, does the provider have Provincial Accreditation?  Parents can even search to see if any complaints have been filed against a provider.  Ask lots of questions when interviewing potential care-givers.

Choose With Confidence...

Kids At Home Vision:

Created in 1984, Kids At Home is diligently working to be Canada's first choice for In-home child care & pre-school services.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to empower children to maximize their potential, by providing them with high-quality care and education, social enrichment, skills enhancement, values training, and access to family resources.

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Kids At Home Mission...

Kids At Home was created in 1984, as a major strategy towards improving the child care system in Canada. 

Kids At Home's main focus is on family day care and In-home child care services.  Our goal is to see Canadian children access exceptional,  early learning and child care services in a home or home-like environment that result in the physical, social, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and cultural development of the whole child. By providing on-going professional development for our caregivers, it is our belief that a child’s uniqueness will be considered as they are loved, cared for, and stimulated to grow and learn.

Our administrative staff and advisory board members have a wealth of experience in all forms of early childhood developmental practices, and bring the depth of their experiences to our partnership with parents.

As Kids At Home continues its journey, we are constantly striving to develop caregivers that are knowledgeable, skilled, open-minded and flexible in their approach to young children—caregivers who have acquired values that impact upon their lives in such a way, that they are motivated to impart a sense of values to the children in their charge. Additionally, our Care-givers can aid parents in making that stressful transitionary period to formal schooling, a positive experience.

To foster our mission, Kids At Home continues to seek approaches that will enable us to consistently provide an home-environment of high-quality care and support, intellectual freedom, and mutual trust. We continue to promote on-going professional development for all our associates, and encourage parents’ interests and input into their child’s total development … we all have so much to learn from young children, and hope that parents can share all the delight their child sees and experience, as they grow.


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